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Tapping The Earth's Water Cycle For Everyone

Only 6kwh of Power a Day Produces 200 Liters of Potable Water!

Global AquaDuct’s® technology copies Earth’s processes responsible for the most extensive freshwater supplies on the planet and puts it in a box! Global AquaDuct’s® Atmospheric Water Harvesting® (AWH) system mimics the conditions of glaciers and mountain tops with an energy-efficient low collector temperature, -50°C (-58°F).

Solar Powered, Sustainable and Grid Independence


GA 2000L_1.0


Preliminary Not for Publication


Global AquaDuct Model GA2000L_1.0 harvests and delivers 2,000 liters of pure water per day regardless of temperature or relative humidity within the described Operating Conditions.

*Cost of water per liter is calculated based on $0.20 per kWh electricity cost. System cost varies based on site conditions and is not included in the cost per liter calculation.

The data shown herein is preliminary and shall be updated upon final testing and certification of the product.