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Tapping The Earth's Water Cycle For Everyone

Only 0.25kWh of Power Produces 200 Liters of Potable Water!
Global AquaDuct’s® technology copies the Earth’s processes responsible for the largest fresh water supplies on the planet and puts it in a box! Global AquaDuct’s® Deposition Water Harvesting™ system mimics the conditions of glaciers and mountain tops with an energy-efficient, low collector temperature, (-50°C/-58°F).
This results in glacier-quality water!

Solar Powered, Sustainable and Grid Independence




Preliminary Not for Publication.
Subject to change prior to production.


Global AquaDuct® Model GA200L_CA1.0 expected to harvest and deliver 200 liters of water per day regardless of temperature or relative humidity within the described Operating Conditions. *Cost of water per liter is calculated based on licensing fee per unit amortized over a 10 year unit life-cycle and operational cost based on $0.20 per kWh electricity cost. Installation cost and routine maintenance is not included in cost per liter calculation.

Product is not yet commercially available. GlobalAquaduct® model GA200L_CA1.0 is only available on a limited beta testing license. The specifications shown herein are preliminary and shall be updated upon final testing and certification of commercialized unit.