How Does Deposition Water Harvesting™ Work

The same way the earth’s mountains work!


The Poles

A process that starts at the top

To harvest unlimited water from the air, we need only look at the Earth’s poles, the Arctic and Antarctic, and the tops of large mountain ranges, for example, the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, etc. 



All the way to us

The conditions in these regions are at temperatures below the triple point of water and thus phase change the water vapor directly into a solid (frost). The frost then melts and runs down from our mountain tops and glaciers into our lakes, oceans and reservoirs.


Our Process

Just like nature

Eternal Spring™ mimics this same process in an energy-efficient way to create water almost anywhere (except the places where the Earth does it better).

Challenges For Awg Systems

In order to solve the world water crisis we need to think different

Power Supply

High power requirements for current AWG systems such as condensers, dehumidifiers, and evaporators make them impractical choices for most regions. In addition, these technologies require power from an existing power grid which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Reliance on Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity (R.H.) is not a measurement of how much water is in a local atmosphere. R.H. is a value as a percentage of the water vapor of the atmosphere that is “saturated" or “condensed” to liquid form due to other atmospheric conditions such as temperature and pressure. Most current equipment needs at least 35% relative humidity to function, which is prohibitive to many of the places that need it the most.

Cost Per Unit

Until the advent of the Eternal Spring™, most technologies have had high up-front costs and are cost prohibitive in emerging economies that need them the most. The real cost per liter of water in the first 5 years is extremely high. System installation and operating costs per delivered liter have and will remain, a limiting factor for our current competition. All of our competition requires a high cap-ex expenditure and significant ongoing operating costs.

We Have Turned Challenges Into Opportunity

Eternal Spring™ (DWH™)

Until the introduction of our patented DWH™, generally accepted technology for water purification has reached stagnation over the last two and a half decades.


Eternal Spring™ DWH™ differs from all of its AWG cousins in that it solves the three major road blocks: (1) initial cap-ex (2) requires only 6kwh of power to produce over 200 liters of water per day (3) it does not need to be connected to the grid for power (a small solar panel can power the unit).

Competitive Crosswalk

Eternal Spring™ Comparison

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